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Minimal Design. Maxiumum Benefits.

Complex Simplicity. Stealth Luxury. Made in Europe. We believe every detail counts: Teamkit Boxer Briefs and Trunks are engineered for a powerful performance and comfortable ride. We procured the most innovative materials from Italy to keep you cool and dry. Reduced the number of seams by 40% (from 10 seams to 6), so the underwear fits like a glove and keeps its shape. Eliminated 90% of threads on the garment’s stitching, which can irritate skin.

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3 Athletes


Oprah Magazine's Adam Glassman says:

The best boxer briefs. They feel like I'm wearing nothing. The new commando!

O The Oprah Magazine


Sexy. Modern. Cool.

They fit like a glove and are super lightweight and breathable. I wore them at the beach as men's swim trunks. Saltwater resistant, how cool is that?

Max (NYC)


I surf wearing Teamkit under my wetsuit!

The best kept secret for staying chafe-free when I surf. These boxer briefs are a total game changer!

- Orlando , Malibu , CA


Yoga, Tennis, Running, the best underwear for any activity!

I wear Teamkit Boxer Briefs and Trunks on the court, in the gym and on the trail. They keep me cool and dry.

Marz , Los Angeles , CA

Watch video...Stay-put BondX™hem prevents ride-up!

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