U.S. Patent Pending Design for Maximum Support and Comfort

WEAR THE CLUBHOUSE POUCH | With its U.S. patent-pending design, The ClubHouse Pouch™ is engineered to provide locked-in support and stability for every kind of workout. Holds everything in place with chafe-free comfort and no gimmicky contraptions. 

EXPERIENCE ULTIMATE SUPPORT AND COMFORT | Make Teamkit BondX underwear for men your everyday go-to first layer. Enjoy unimaginable comfort thanks to our sweat-wicking, breathable performance Italian fabric. Made in Croatia.

THE FINISHED PRODUCT |  We created a unique garment and original pouch design, and then filed for a pending U.S. patent. With BondX technology, seams support and hems stretch and recover, following your natural range of motion with total comfort. Boxer Briefs and Trunks Built to Prevent Ride-up or Boxer Briefs and Trunks Built to Not Ride Up



We have redefined the end use to an almost unlimited list of sport activites: 


Spinning (SoulCycle, Fly Wheel, Peloton ) 


Cross training (Equinox Fitness )

Power lifting





Swim and Surf: You can even wear your Teamkit boxer briefs or trunks under your men's swim trunks or wetsuit as a rash guard. Reduces chafing, quick dry and saltwater resistant. So comfortable and quick dry too. 



Expertly Made in Croatia

Fabric made in Italy

Shown Black or Midnight Blue

Style: Boxer Briefs or Trunks



TEAMKIT BondX Underwear

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