What is the Best Underwear for Spin Class? Teamkit!

underwear for spin class

We have spoken with hundreds of men and they all ask the same questions:

1- What is the best underwear for the gym? 

2- What is the best workout underwear for men? 

3- What is the best men's running underwear?

4- What is the best underwear for spin class?  

Good news! We have made the perfect underwear for spin class.

There are so many reasons to spin. Maybe you're motivated to burn over 500 calories in a 60-minute class, or you're looking for an alternative to riding in extreme cold or heat? Perhaps it's just a way to carve out some personal time before you kick off your busy day. Whatever motivates you to click on a stationary bike, you will want to spin in total comfort. That means no distractions from ill-fitting gear, including your underwear.

Wearing the right underwear for spin class is so important. If you need to constantly hike up your boxer brief legs or the pouch is not giving you enough support, it will distract you from the workout itself. You want to feel comfortable and confident in your underwear before you even break a sweat. Underwear made in suitable performance materials will help you focus on the most important: the workout and having fun!

When things heat up in the saddle, the materials you are wearing become even more critical. It's one thing to wear sporty stretch underwear both to and from the spin studio. Still, cotton fabric holds water, making it harder for you to regulate your temperature during class. Teamkit Athletic Underwear for Men is made from Italian breathable microfiber nylon to control and wick moisture and a high spandex content to provide maximum stretch support and recovery. That means Teamkit Underwear will keep you cool and dry and hold its shape throughout your workout and after many washing cycles.

While you may prefer fully padded cycling short for comfort during outdoor miles, your personal preference might change for studio classes.

Sometimes instructors will have the group standing just as much as sitting so that your bottom will be less sore. While both options (chamois vs. non-padded) work inside, studios often have cushioned seat covers for riders to provide extra comfort.

Eliminate Chafing. Bonded Seams and hems eliminate most of the conventional stitching, which can cause skin irritation like chafing. Teamkit BondX seams, pouch seams, and hems feature optimized stretch and eliminate scratchy threads that can rough up your skin.

Support Muscles without the Squeeze. Light compression fabric offers excellent muscle support without the squeezing effect of actual compression wear.  Teamkit Underwear is the best men’s athletic underwear and will provide you with a soft, comfortable fit.

Stay Dry. Moisture management is vital to experience breezy breathable underwear during hot indoor spin and training sessions. The fabric, made in Italy by luxury athletic material mill Eurojersey, wicks moisture away from your skin, keeping you drier and more comfortable as you ride.

Non Ride Up. Legs don't bunch up, thanks to our BondX Thermo bonded seams. There is no need for sticky hem gripper tapes; our leg hems hold your leg and move with you without riding up.

The Right Leg Coverage for You. Boxer Briefs have a 6" inseam which is the perfect length for leg coverage that reduces inner thigh irritation. The Trunks have a 3" inseam for athletes who like to wear shorter styles.


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Sustainable Fabric for Sustainable Underwear

At Teamkit, we partner with the best and most ecologically responsible factories in Europe. We source only the finest sustainable fabrics and materials tested for over 100 non-harmful substances, and the article must be certified as harmless in human ecological terms.

Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex is one of the world's best-known certifications for textiles tested for harmful substances.

Every material we use to make Teamkit Underwear is non-harmful.
Our suppliers all test with Oeko-Tex and receive Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification.

These include:

Fabric: Eurojersey Italy Spa art. GGAQ Oekotex Standard 100
Thread: TWD-Fibres Germany
Elastic Waistband: Liebaert Belgium
Adhesives: Bemis Worldwide, Fait Plast Italy, Framis Italy
Label: Framis Italy

Standard by Oeko-Tex is one of the world's best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. 99% of the materials we use to make Teamkit underwear from the knit jersey down to the thread, testing by Oeko-Tex and certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Sustainable underwear for men. Sustainable boxer briefs. Sustainable Trunks. 

Learn More: https://www.oeko-tex.com/en/our-standards/standard-100-by-oeko-tex