Sexy. Modern. Cool. I love my Teamkit Trunks!

They fit like a glove and are super lightweight and breathable. I wear my Teamkit boxer briefs and trunks at the beach like men's swim trunks. Saltwater resistant and UV 50 protection. Great for when you forget to pack your swim trunks.

Max (NYC)


 We have redefined the end use to an almost unlimited list of sport activites: 


Spinning ( SoulCycle, Fly Wheel, Peloton )


Cross training (Equinox Fitness)

Power lifting




Swim and Surf: You can even wear your Teamkit boxer briefs or trunks under your men's swim trunks or wetsuit as a rash guard. Reduces chafing, quick dry and saltwater resistant. So comfortable and quick dry too. 

Expertly Made in Croatia

Fabric made in Italy

Shown Black or Midnight Blue

Style: Boxer Briefs or Trunks


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