Teamkit Patented Technology

We believe everyone should share in the power of better health, with style and comfort. Don't ruin your next workout with ill-fitting underwear made out of bulky fabric with scratchy stitching and waistbands that roll and pinch. Get Teamkit today


Teamkit is Patented athletic underwear. Patented, U.S. Patent No. 10,798,976.

Every element is the highest quality; modern athletic underwear made in EU with seamless construction for maximum comfort, quality Italian microfiber, and LYCRA to keep you cool when you heat up. Our underwear collection offers the best fitting Boxer Briefs or Trunks in one phenomenal fabric from Eurojersey Italy. 

Teamkit Boxer Briefs are worn by athletes young and old all over the world. Guys have told us how much they appreciate the luxurious fabric, fit and share that they are the best boxer briefs and trunks for running, tennis, yoga, hiking, cross-fit under wetsuits, and boardshorts for surfing, swimming, and paddleboarding. 


Teamkit Underwear for Men is the premium performance underwear you need to look and feel your best. This patented design and technology are longer-lasting, light compression that hugs, and rather than squeezes and supports your body all day. 

We have come up with a great solution. When you don't need a hardcore bike short with built-in chamois for challenging rides and cycling long distances, Teamkit is perfect for keeping you chafe-free, cool, and dry. 

Teamkit performance boxer briefs and trunks are as close to compression shorts as underwear can get without actually claiming to be compression shorts. They won't increase blood flow like compression might, but they will keep your man parts in-place and dry with sweat-wicking material. There's also no ride-up, so you won't have to worry about bunching or digging out wedgies while you're cycling or running. Other key features are the comfortable microfiber waistband made in Belgium by Liebaert and the no-fly-opening Pouch, eliminating bulk in the front.

Eliminate the Bulk and Stretch Farther

Teamkit Underwear is new patented underwear designed for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and training - providing enhanced support, comfortably wicks sweat away, and fits under any clothing. Because of our patented seamless construction, Teamkit Boxer Briefs and Trunks are not bulky like traditional compression wear. With Teamkit Underwear, you get better performance from start to finish.

Whether you are playing sports, exercising, or want a trimmer and more streamlined look, Teamkit's performance men's underwear will be your new favorite. Our patented technology begins with the philosophy of eliminating any unnecessary details and focusing on the benefits of fabric, function, and form. We call it Complex Simplicity because while you may not see it when you put on our best boxer briefs or trunks, you will feel the difference. Wear them out for a run or to the gym, and you will know what we mean. to achieve maximum performance and comfort.

We've been seeing all of these men's underwear styles with holes and strapping tapes that look like pulleys to perform some supportive magic? We don't believe this is natural to a man's body, and that's why we created our 3D Clubhouse Pouch that holds a man's parts without crushing or any funny contraptions inside. Our Patented Clubhouse Pouch connects to the garment without a needle and thread but with "glue." We used state of the art Thermo bonding adhesives, which creates a smooth interior and eliminated scratchy chafing stitching.


Teamkit best Boxer Briefs and Trunks are available in Black and Midnight Blue.