Innovation and Technology: Fabric+ Function + Form

We source the most high-performance luxury fabrics in the world for a better work out and total comfort.





We sourced our fabric from the most advanced tech fabric mill in Italy EUROJERSEY Spa.


  • The high percentage of LYCRA® elastic fiber allows for perfect freedom of movement and superior wearability. The high LYCRA® helps to keep the shape of our Boxer Briefs and Trunks even after repeated washing.


  • The open honeycomb construction of Sensitive® Fabrics allows air to circulate between the fibers. Their breathable qualities make it provide a cooler temperature and more hygienic.


  • Thanks to the extreme fineness and the fabric construction's open structure, the drying times of garments in Sensitive® Fabrics are incredibly soft. Sensitive® Fabrics dry much faster than other fabrics.

  • Our fabric is exceptionally lightweight, which feels very pleasant against the skin. We chose a material that is 50% thinner than traditional warp-knit fabrics. The result is that you feel like you are wearing nothing at all.


  • Eurojersey fabric is more durable and resistant to chlorine's corrosive action, thanks to unique tech yarns and knitting processes.
  • The other unique properties of the fabric also protect from the salt, mold, and corrosive agents in sun creams. 




Sensitive® Fabrics offer maximum resistance to rubbing and do not suffer from pilling, maintaining their original appearance as time goes by.



Sensitive® Fabrics are quick and easy to maintain. The drying time is speedy, and fabrics are straightforward care: they can be hand-washed or machine-washed cold water, cool drier. 


Thanks to the unique construction of the fabric and the use of super-opaque microfibres, Sensitive® Fabrics filter the sun's rays offering a higher level of protection against the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays.

* Laboratory tests are available for all Sensitive® Fabrics, carried out according to the AS/NSZ 4399 (Australian/New Zealand standard)



We create a product for active users that want to feel like they are not wearing underwear. We have eliminated chafing, ride up, all while keeping you cool and dry so that you can focus on your game.



WEAR THE CLUBHOUSE POUCH | With its U.S. patent-pending design, The ClubHouse Pouch™ engineered to provide locked-in support and stability for every kind of workout. The 3D pouch design holds everything in place with chafe-free comfort and no gimmicky contraptions. 


EXPERIENCE ULTIMATE SUPPORT AND COMFORT | Make Teamkit BondX underwear for men your everyday go-to first layer. Enjoy supreme comfort thanks to our sweat-wicking, breathable performance Italian fabric. Made in Croatia.


THE FINISHED PRODUCT |  We created a unique garment and original pouch design and then got a U.S. Patent. With BondX technology, seams support and hems stretch and recover, following your natural range of motion with total comfort. Boxer Briefs and Trunks Built to Prevent Ride-up or Boxer Briefs and Trunks Built to Not Ride Up



Our goal is to tailor a new modern form for athletic men. How did we do it?

The first thing is to eliminate heavy fabrics, unnecessary seams, and details that result in extra bulk. How did we make them lighter?
Innovations and technology have allowed us to experiment and replace conventional thread-stitched seams with hi-tech bonded seams and hems that enhance a man's form by stretching and molding to every muscle.


Why Bonded Seams? We know what it takes to make the best underwear: impeccable fit that compliments the body reduces irritation and provides all-day comfort. We use thermo-bonded Bemis adhesive to improve comfort.

Eliminate bulky seams and the discomfort they create.

Why take away stitching and replace it with Thermo bonded seams?

Bonded seams minimize bulk which increases comfort, reduces tightness, and improves ease of movement overall.

Our bonded hems move with you and spring back without squeezing your legs.

Athletic performance underwear made with bonded hems eliminates scratchy irritating stitching and skin chafing.

Performance underwear bonded seams are more comfortable because they elongate better than stitching.

Bonded seam technology improves stretch and recovery for ultimate performance. Enhanced comfort improves an athlete's performance